There are many ways to get involved with CBI’s prison ministry:

Become a CBI Instructor:
Correct lessons and write letters of encouragement to people in prison in all fifty states and beyond! Instructors of all ages and backgrounds serve from their own homes and on their own schedules.


  1. Contact CBI to indicate interest by filling out an online form.
  2. Attend an Instructor Training Seminar that is held in your area, or order the free Instructor Training Seminar Video to be viewed in your home. The ninety-minute seminar includes a manual with an answer key and everything you need to know to become an Instructor.
  3. Indicate agreement with CBI’s Statement of Faith.
  4. Receive endorsement for your participation from your local church board, council or pastor.
  5. Pray that through your ministry God will make mature disciples of many incarcerated CBI students!

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Become an Office Volunteer:

If you live in West Michigan or near one of our international distribution centers, you may want to consider a donation of your time by helping CBI staff with the numerous tasks that keep the CBI offices running!

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Recruit a CBI Student:

It’s easy to enroll someone you know who is in prison! Simply click on the appropriate enrollment form below and print it out. Fill in the personal information and have the prospective student sign the commitment. Then, mail the form back to Crossroad Bible Institute using the address at the bottom of the form.

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